Wedding Profile: Erik and Lauren

What can be said about Erik and Lauren?

It’s always said best by the bride. So, we are going to step back and let Lauren tell their story with limited commentary from us. A beautiful couple’s special day including the backdrop of 4th Presbyterian Church and Chicago’s iconic Newberry Library the story unfolds itself…….

From Lauren: “My wedding dress was an important piece of the puzzle. I was the girl who had dreamt of her wedding since I was a little girl. After multiple trips to various stores without any luck, I was worried maybe it wasn’t going to happen for me.  With the pressure mounting to find a dress, I stepped in to Vera Wang.  When I finally stepped out of the dressing room in my dress without even having looked in a mirror the faces on my family told me that I had found the wedding gown that I was looking for.  One look in the mirror and I knew that this was the dress that I had been dreaming about.”

Bridesmaids were combination of phalaenopsis orchids, sterling roses, seeded eucalyptus, and seasonal lilac. Lauren’s open peonies, garden roses, lily of the valley, and lilac as well.

Lauren was a perfect client as far as floral, knowing her own style and the feeling she wanted to convey classic lines and design. The floral decisions were quick and easy. “I trust you, classic neutral, with a bit of vintage.” Said and done. The personal flowers were the needed pop of color beautiful and timeless.

The ceremony was emotional, heartfelt, and highlighted Erik and Lauren’s perfectly formed union. From Lauren: “The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago, which we recently joined as a couple, would provide the perfect location.  We wanted to highlight the personal connection and vows in an iconic Chicago landmark.”

Robin Sloan Photography was the perfect fit for Erik and Lauren, bringing their personalities to life through film. Isn’t that what a photographer is all about? Their first moment as a couple outside 4th Pres. followed by a walk down Michigan Ave. Photos capture the moment as if it’s happening. Amazing job Robin.

A palette of sage green and ivories with candle work compliments Ruggles Hall.

Newberry Library offers a traditional, classic look ooooozing Chicago feel. Many brides seek out Newberry for their wedding, but few have a history. From Lauren: “Erik proposed to me in on a beautiful Friday night in August 2010 at a gorgeous park in Chicago in front of the historical landmark, The Newberry Library.  Little did I know at that time that the Newberry Library would be the place where we would hold our reception.  We instantly fell in love with amazing hardwood floors, whimsical chandeliers and amazing views of Chicago that Ruggles Hall provided. A Stem Above nailed our vision flawlessly with simple white flowers and luscious greenery at both the church and reception venue.”

The start of Erik and Lauren’s life together couldn’t have been more perfect. From their first dance as man and wife to celebrating as Boilermakers this weekend, Erik and Lauren are the reason we love being apart of weddings.  We were truly blessed. Congratulations again you two…..

Dress Designer: Vera Wang/ Photographer: Robin Sloan/ Venue: Newberry Library/Church: 4th Presbyterian/ Caterer: Simply Elegant Catering/ DJ: Toast and Jam/ Cake Shop: Amy Beck/ Make Up: Jill at Bridal Beauty/ Hair: Dina at Salon Buzz/ Stationary: Samantha at The Paper Place/ Table Numbers: Erickson Designs/ Hotel: Sofitel/ Transportation: Absolute Dream Limousines

Style File: ASA’s Top 10 Wedding Movies

Happy Saturday everyone! Since you are probably already surfing the internet on this beautiful afternoon veg out with ASA’s list of top 10 wedding movies. It took long hours of movie watching and relaxation on our part to provide an expert opinion on Hollywood’s wedding flowers. I am sure you will appreciate our efforts…… 

And our Honorable Mentions: We wish all of these cinema pleasures could make it higher on our list, but the line as to be drawn somewhere. From Melanie’s rose pave, Princess Mia’s traditional royal trail, Carrie’s wild rose/peony combination, to Sophie’s Grecian crown, the flowers made a statement, but the movies themselves……. well, we’ll leave that up to you.

Number 9: The Wedding Date

Notable Quote: “A wedding is a sacrament… a joyous celebration of love and commitment. In Utopia. In the real world… it’s an excuse to drink excessively and say things you shouldn’t say.”

Lets go overseas for our first pick so we can give those Brits a shout out. In beautiful Surrey England, a questionable bridesmaid’s dress color doesn’t deter from the beautiful floral. For faux floral that is, ask anybody who has actually seen the film if they noticed. Well done producers, simply stated, even if you tried to fool us.

Number 8: Bride Wars

Notable Quote: “You do not alter a Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera.”

From Liv’s cool palette to Emma’s soft texture, the floral reflected the plot’s rivalry. Hand it to Hollywood for recently turning a corner to include fresh floral instead of faux in the movies and getting it right.

Number 7: Wedding Crashers

Notable Quote:

John: “20 bucks, First Corinthians”

Jeremy: “Double or nothing, Colossians 3:12”

Too many weddings, too little time. Our DVRs had to pause 10+ times to get a glimpse of the floral production for this movie. A must see film that highlights the clichés of a wedding and does it with style. Just a bit too overwhelming for us. Noteworthy scenes include Claire and her Dad’s trip to the flower market…..who wouldn’t want that moment!

Number 6: I Love You Man

Notable Quote: “Did you know that the best night I’ve had in the last 5 years is a night that Zooey and I split a bottle of wine, we made a summer salad and watched “Chocolat” together?”

Who said that your fiancé loving your girlfriends is not “sexy”. The final moments of I Love You Man, prove that a sensitive guy is as desirable as floral décor. This movie makes it on our list simply because you can’t go wrong with strung orchids, a vibrant yellow palette, and a sea side wedding. Just watch the movie again, pay attention, you’ll get it.

 Number 5: Steel Magnolias

Notable Quote: “That sanctuary looks like it’s been hosed down with Pepto-Bismol.”

When a film plot revolves around a wedding, it better be good. From Shelby’s timely trailing bouquet, pink draped church, to her tented backyard reception, the details fade into the background. Young love, friendship, and optimism stole the show. It doesn’t matter if you see the floral as dated, the story is timeless.

Number 4: Father of the Bride

Notable Quote: “I suddenly realized what was happening. Annie was all grown up and was leaving us, and something inside began to hurt.”

Whether it was Spencer and Elizabeth or Steve and Kimberly, Father of the Bride hits a nerve with every father/daughter relationship. Elizabeth carried a trailing bouquet of love knots fit for the style in 1950’s and Kimberly a pave bouquet of roses. Either way, you can’t go wrong. The 1991 movie featured so many perfect floral touches including the church and Banks’ home for a private reception. Don’t get any ideas though, backyard weddings can cost triple your budget, need we remind “$250 a head.”


Number 3: Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Notable Quote:  “It’s an extraordinary thing to meet someone who you can bare your soul to, and who’ll accept you for what you are. I’ve been waiting for what seems like a very long time to get beyond what I am.”

If the wedding only lasted a lifetime we would have rated this movie’s epic décor higher on our list, but it was such a tease. From Bella’s Carolina Herrera dress to the lush mossy floral theme, it made an impact, but left us wanting more. Oh wait, isn’t there a number 2 coming out soon?

Number 2: My Best Friends Wedding

Notable Quote: “He’s got you on a pedestal and me in his arms.”

A perfect match of Chicago’s style and a bittersweet love story. Glimpses of Lakeshore Drive, Comiskey Park, The Drake Hotel, and Cuneo Museum make this a true Windy City movie. We position this as a close second since the bouquets, centerpieces, and the movie’s kitchy opening number are memorable in color and design. All in all, Chicago is our city and that is why it’s ranked so high. Kudos Ronsley.

Drum Roll……. Please………

Number 1: 27 Dresses

Notable Quote: “Love is patient, love is kind, love means slowly losing your mind.”

Jane bounces from one style wedding to another spanning the spectrum, which is why this movie hits the top spot. Surprisingly, the scenes all include fresh floral whether it was Goth inspired or classic. Only one scene in the movie did we spot fake floral (in the cab with Kevin and Jane), but re-take after re-take I am sure the producers needed to make exceptions. The final scene of Jane and Kevin’s wedding sold it for us which included amazing, beautiful floral in a soft butter crème and ivory palette. Fresh gardenia hair flowers and the sea, PERFECTION.