Macy’s Flower Show Welcomes A Stem Above and Kara O’Connor Interiors

Macy's Flower Show

A Stem Above collaborated with Kara O’Connor Interiors to create a garden-scape for the annual Macy’s Flower Show. Located in the cosmetics department on the first floor, our piece brings a fresh breath of Spring into the store.

Trellis at Macys

ASA’s team custom designed a trellis structure filled with a plethora blooming plants and hanging terrariums in brightly colored hues. KOC Interiors put their personal touch on the display by creating a reading nook.

Erin and Kara Tutorial

This morning Kara and Erin gave a tutorial on creating a DIY inspired Easter holiday centerpiece. Below are some step by step photos for some of our fun and easy ideas.

Newspaper_Magazine Egg Tutorial

Modge Podge and Paper Eggs
Step 1: Cut strips of writing or small images from a magazine or newspaper.
Step 2: With a paintbrush, put a small amount of modge podge on an egg. (You can use plastic eggs or blow out real eggs)
Step 3: Place one of your pieces of paper over the modge podge and smooth it until it is securely in place on your egg.
Simply repeat until the whole egg is covered!

Leaf Imprint Dye_edited-1

Leaf Imprinted Eggs
For this design you will need nylons, egg dye (store bought PAAS works fine), pressed greenery, and string or ribbon
Step1: Get your egg dye ready and cut the foot off of the end of your nylon
Step 2: Place your greenery on your egg and put it in the foot of the nylon
Step 3: Make sure that the nylon is tight against the egg so that the dye won’t get under the greenery and tie it at the top with your string
Step 4: Place the egg in the dye. For brighter color leave in the dye for 15+ minutes.
After you take the egg out and remove from nylon you should have the imprint of your greenery left on the egg.

Style File: Styled Shoot at City Winery

City Winery Styled Shoot: Detail Table Photos Last month we paired up with Robyn Rachel Photography at City Winery to showcase a beautiful tablescape of vibrant color as well as bouquets and boutonnieres of fresh spring flowers.

City Winery Styled Shoot: Lovely CouplesThe poppy colored bridesmaids dresses from Bella Bridesmaid complimented the vintage inspired lace bridal gown from Belle Vie.

City Winery Styled Shoot: Personal Flower Photos Floral in hues of raspberry pinks, corals, and lemon yellows reminds us spring is around the corner.

Mixing metallic golds and color will add character to any table. The table features Classic Party Rentals’ new 2013 round farm tables, Magnificence dinnerware collection, and Parchment Linette Chairs. A flawless combination of vintage and rustic elements.

Robyn Rachel Action Shots_edited-1

As always, Robyn and her team capture the details to bring our work to life!

City Winery Styled Shoot: Hairpiece Photo

Check out Magnificent Brides’ video portrayal:

Players: Table/Chairs/Dinnerware:  Classic Party Rental/ Bridal Gown: Belle Vie/ Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid/ Print Materials: Pink Custom Design/ Cake: Amy Beck Cake Design/ Venue: City Winery/ Hair: Magnificent Brides/ Make Up: Makeup By Krystyn/Floral: A Stem Above